Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Training Videos for System Administrators and Customizers

Here you’ll find video tutorials, quizzes, skit videos, and written instructions to help system admins and customizers maximize your investment in Dynamics 365 Sales. Get Dynamics 365 admin training today!


If you’re a…

System Administrator, you’ll get everything you need to know about setting up the solution and making changes. Learn how to easily configure the app from one place.

System Customizer, you’ll access a range of tools and settings to customize the solution, import data, leverage templates, and ensure security. Discover how painless it is to set up the platform so your sales team can get the most out of it.

With our training program, you’ll quickly and easily get Dynamics 365 Sales up, running, and tailored to your exact business needs. Just navigate to the video tutorials and instruction sets below to get started.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Admin Training Video Tutorials


  • Customization: Access dozens of instruction sets to learn how to add fields to forms or entities, edit fields, modify views, create workflows, create and edit apps, and more.
  • Importing Data: Get a clear understanding of how to download and fill import templates, import your data, and how duplicate detection works.
  • Templates: See how to work within both email and document templates – modifying and creating them.
  • Security: Discover how to ensure entity-level security, customize security roles, and enable field-level security on fields and profiles.

Admin Training Contains Detailed Lessons on…

  • Editing Fields & Forms
  • Business Rules
  • Views
  • Business Process Flows
  • Workflows
  • Creating and Editing Apps
  • Using Admin Tools
  • Setting up Organization-wide Security
  • Access Levels & Privileges
  • Entity Level Security
  • Field Level Security
  • Data Importing (including templates!)


  • Interactive Activities
  • Quizzes
  • Additional Resources
  • Hilarious skit videos


Featured Dynamics 365 Admin Training Videos


Adding a Field to an Entity


Learn how to leverage this organizational feature.

Creating and Editing Apps


Get tips on how to quickly customize your platform.

Import Your Data


Learn how to ensure all your needed info is imported and organized.