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Azamba is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales provider and partner on a mission to help businesses learn how to maximize their CRM investments. We’re dedicated to sharing our team’s expertise – leaving no stone unturned or question unanswered – so you can get the most out of your solutions.

About Azamba

We believe all customers deserve as much training as they are willing to absorb so they can leverage every tool and service offered by CRM solutions. As your CRM advisor, we offer:

  • CRM implementations with our carefully-crafted program
  • CRM support to ensure your success with your chosen solution
  • CRM training to bring your whole team up to speed, quickly
  • CRM customization so you know your solution fits your exact needs

Our proven methodology comes from years of working with businesses to see you through your entire CRM journey from implementation to successful adoption and usage across your organization. We provide:

  • Dedicated expertise from experienced professionals
  • Exemplary customer service
  • Support tailored to your unique business
  • Fixed-fee engagements so you know your total investment upfront

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales FREE Initial Setup Video Tutorials

  • Setting up Dynamics 365 Sales: Learn the next steps after getting a Dynamics 365 Sales subscription, including install steps, how to navigate it, and how to verify that the installation is complete.
  • Managing Users: Get clear instruction on how to set up all initial users and their roles, manage licenses, create users, changing passwords, and blocking or unblocking users.
  • Integrations: Here you’ll learn how to set up SharePoint integration and Outlook integration so you can unify your business processes and applications.

Featured Initial Setup Training Videos


How do you assign user roles in Dynamics 365 Sales?


How do you set up SharePoint with Dynamics 365 Sales?


How do you set up Outlook with Dynamics 365 Sales?


“We partnered with Azamba for our Dynamics 365 launch, because we knew they had the experience and technical resources to help us bring our goals to reality. As we now prepare to Go Live, I am confident that my team is prepared and well trained to jump in with both feet. The training tools that Azamba provided through the OnTrack CRM System have been a huge part of that preparation and confidence. The Training Course allowed each member of my team the ability to work at their own pace and the videos were like having a personal trainer available 24/7.”

Ed Nugent

“It’s rare that you find a company that is exactly what you need right when you need it. That kind of fortuitous contact doesn’t happen that often. Azamba is one of those, and I can count on one hand the number of companies I’ve had that kind of kinship with. I look forward to every interaction with Azamba.”

– Jared Grigg

“Azamba impressed AMD with an organized, customer-focused, and highly responsive process and OnTrack plan for onboarding and educating employees. ”

– David Triglia

“We got referred to Azamba, had that initial discussion, and felt comfortable right from the start.We were able to negotiate the level of implementation and support we needed at the price we needed.”

– Amanda Caspers

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